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2018. 10. 20. szombat - Vendel Még több cikk.

Welcome to the Royal Botanic Gardens

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Multi-award winning designer Sarah Price returns after a five-year absence for show sponsor M&G Investments with a romanticised Mediterranean haven. Demonstrating how simple, sustainable materials can be incorporated into garden design, she is among 13 women designers announced across 26 gardens in all - the highest number of female designers in relation to the number of gardens at the show that we have had in recent years!

Debut Chelsea designer Tom Massey presents The Lemon Tree Trust Garden inspired by the resiliency and determination of people in situations of forced migration and displacement, and their dedication to creating beautiful gardens in the harshest of living conditions.  

Returning designer Hay-Joung Hwang has created a futuristic Eco-City Garden with LG Electronics. The garden is intended for a modern city tower block where each unit has a garden, reimagining the concept of vertical forests and applying it to residential apartments.  

Other Show Garden highlights include:

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